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Thursday, 26 March 2015

Colour Arrangements

After deciding yesterday to use watercolours rather than ink to colour the wood, I began today to spend more time experimenting with the creation of my sculptures. Considering which main emotion each colour will portray, as well as which specific sanding techniques will represent different feelings. For example, an irritated feeling will be shown by having lots of little notches sanded out of the wood. Insecurity will be portrayed as a long sharp piece of the wood being sanded away.

After creating some of this work it made me think about whether or not the wood should be affected only on the front, or around the whole thing. I think that I will use every side of the object if the certain emotion demands it, but I won't force myself to use the whole piece of wood to its full extent.

I also began to consider the layout of the final sculptures, whether or not to have them displayed on the wall, stacked on top of each other in rows of seven to show the individual weeks or to just have them lined up in a row. Another option would be to stack them in an aesthetically pleasing way, mixing up the shapes to make an interesting pattern of different colours. 

I am still un-decided whether or not the use of colour is a positive aspect of the sculptures. I feel that it may be drawing the viewer's eyes straight to it, rather than allowing them to consider the softness of the wood, or how it's sanded. Over the next few weeks I will think about this further and decide whether or not I should continue with colour. 

Finally this evening I went to see a live broadcast of A View From The Bridge, which is currently performing at the Young Vic in London. Unfortunately, seeing a performance like this in the cinema is a very different experience from actually being in front of the actors whilst they're on stage. I don't think I will go through this experience again of seeing theatre through a screen, as it doesn't quite live up to it happening right in front of you.

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