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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Subtle Wood

After looking at sanding down wood yesterday, I continued to experiment with the sanding process today. I looked at using layers of paper to create a material that can be easily sanded down, rather than using wood. Unfortunately it wasn't that successful as it wasn't as interesting to look at as the wood blocks. I would like to look into this further by using different coloured paper and gluing a larger amount of pieces together.
I also looked at gluing blocks of wood together and then sanding parts of it down to create an interesting aesthetic decision. This made me think about how the number of pieces of wood used within a sculpture could help to communicate a relevant emotion to a viewer, or show how much of that emotion I was feeling on that particular day. For example the higher quantity of blocks would mean more of that emotion.
I really enjoyed the subtle changes that I was able to affect to the different types of wood, and would like to explore this further. I hope to use an electric sander and a higher grade of sand paper to experiment further with what I can achieve by just sanding. I also started to use a chisel to speed up the sanding, this felt like I was cheating the meaning behind the work at the time, but after reflecting on it I think the chisel could be related to the meaning of the work, thinking about ideas behind forced emotions.

There was also a number of lectures today surrounding work experience and what job opportunities are available to artists when you get out of full time education. This was quite informative and interesting to consider.

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