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Monday, 16 March 2015

Wood and Paper
Today I carried on experimenting with affecting the wood by sanding parts down as well as painting different types. Sanding down a number of different woods enabled me to see that it was an aspect of this project that I want to continue, but painting the wood wasn't successful as it removed the already intriguing growth rings, which may be incorporated into the meaning behind the work later.

I also started to think about different ways to display the work, and how it would be interesting to display the tools that I use to affect the wood alongside the sculptures. This would help the viewer to understand the emotion that I'm attempting to convey through a specific piece, as well as improving the work in an aesthetic way.
Over the weekend I began researching the artists that I'm going to look at in my research paper. I found a range of artists who have created meaningful work whose meaning isn't easily identified. I looked at Anish Kapoor, whose early sculptures using pigment have always been fascinating to me, alongside Kazimir Malevich and his Black Square. I am yet to come up with a title for my research paper, but I'm sure I will soon.
I am continuing to log my emotions daily using excel, which will be incredibly helpful later on in the unit when I begin creating my final piece. In addition to this I started to think about whether, when I create the sculptures, I should be in the mood that I'm attempting to replicate though the sculpture. This is an interesting idea, but I would have to be feeling that emotion organically, rather than forcing it upon myself.
During the week I hope to continue working on experimenting with wood as well as thinking more about my research paper.

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