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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Table Of Emotions

After gathering more information on emotions in general, I started to think about how I could begin to document my own emotions that I encounter each day to transform into a sculptural form. I used excel to create a table so that I could document how I feel each day. Using this information I will be able to have primary research on hand when I'm creating the different sculptures.

This table or eventual graph may become part of the final piece of work for this project, or even the final piece within itself. If this were to be the case I would have to expand the range of emotions within the table.

I also began to try out different ways of affecting the wood and thinking about which emotion I could be communicating through each tool. I experimented using a hand saw, a hammer, nails, sandpaper and scissors. Some of these worked more effectively than others. I intend to explore the range of tools further in the coming weeks, as well as spending time thinking about what the different things actually mean.

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