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Thursday, 19 March 2015


I began today thinking about the different ways in which I've been affecting the wood and how I have been sanding blocks down in both subtle and un-subtle ways. I began to consider how the different ways could be seen as showing different emotions. A subtly sanded piece of wood would be a sad emotion for example. I went on from this to thinking about the layers of the wood, and how as I sanded more of the wood it could show how much of that particular emotion I was feeling. I would use the data that I've been collecting from my emotion scale to achieve this.

I was having lots of thoughts about changing the size of the wood blocks to help communicate and reinforce an emotion. If a viewer saw a small block and a big block together, it would be obvious that the larger of the two is representing an angry emotion. I experimented with this by displaying pieces of my work in pairs and by themselves. This also helped me to think about which emotions were being portrayed within the different pieces.

I also thought about how in a set of these pieces part of the previous piece of work could be shown in the next day's sculpture. This would be reflecting how one day when you might feel a strong emotion, it will stay with you for the next day, and maybe in the next few days too. At the end of the day I began looking at what the different sanding types are communicating to the audience and started to put them into categories, this is something that I will continue to do.

Finally I found out today that I got a place at Chelsea College of Arts, which was quite exciting as I think it's my first choice of universities.

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