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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Labelling Work

Today I continued to experiment with colour in my work, using ink to transform the wood. This worked really well to make the pieces much more vibrant, as well as keeping the grain of the wood visible. The only unfortunate aspect of using ink is that you can't really mix the colours, so if I chose to solely use ink for my final piece I would only be able to use three or four different colours. This is why I intend to work further with watercolours, mixing them to see whether I want colour within the work or not.

After deciding the other day that I will allow the viewer to touch the sculptures, I have been thinking about how to better reflect the emotion when one touches the wood. For example, if I leave the sculpture un-sanded after I have painted it, the wood is rough, this would help to better reflect a negative emotion. I also thought about how a sharp curve could feel like a negative emotion, or being unable not to fit your finger in a hole on the side of the wood. This could be showing frustration. On the other hand a subtle curve would reflect a more positive and open emotion.

I also thought a lot about the labelling of the final piece, how I could label it in a way that sums up the majority of the emotions that I had felt in the documented month. I will have to wait until I compile all the data to start thinking about this overarching emotion. I continued to think about whether or not I should put a "please do touch" sign next to the work when it's exhibited, but I think I enjoy the fact that when the viewer does choose to touch it they will be in a certain mind-set whilst doing this, attempting to touch the work without being seen to do so.

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