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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Research Paper

Today I began looking into the range of emotions that people encounter every day. I accomplished this by using the internet, talking to my family and friends as well as thinking about my own emotions.

I also started to look at transforming my emotions into a sculpture, and how to best reflect them. I'm thinking about using colour within the sculptures to highlight the emotions, as well as physically changing the materials that I chose in different ways.

I was also set a 750 word research paper today as part of my foundation course. My initial ideas are focused on looking at artists who want to have a dialogue with the viewer, be it by making a piece of work with a meaning that's hard to discern or by creating a piece of art that is interactive, allowing the viewer to participate and add to the artwork. I would be reflecting on how, in my own practice, I attempt to make the viewer think about the meaning behind my work, rather than it being easy to spot, or not having any meaning at all. This interactivity in art work made me think of Yayoi Kusama's 'Obliteration Room' that I saw in 2012 at the Tate Modern, which invited viewers to add coloured dots to a completely white room.

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