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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Evoking Emotions

I was asked an interesting question about my work today, whether or not I wanted to portray emotions through my sculptures or evoke them in the audience. I feel that even though it was asked in response to seeing what my project was about, it is something to think about in terms of my art practice in general. I'm still thinking about if I want to evoke or portray emotions, or perhaps a mixture of both, this is something that I'm going to consider further.

During the day I continued to experiment with different sanding techniques, I'm beginning to really enjoy the general aesthetic of the sanded wood, but need to bring it back to the meaning and actually spend some time thinking about what it all means in terms of reflecting emotions. I hope to spend the next few days and the weekend just thinking about it all rather than affecting wood.

I also continued to look at using paper as a substitute for wood. I think that if this were to be done properly, spending time to layer the paper precisely, it would look aesthetically pleasing but would loose all of the unintentional aspects that occur when using the wood. So I don't think I'm going to continue using paper as a material, even though there are many parts to the work that could be explored further.
Unrelated to the artwork that I'm creating, but still about art in general, I played a game called Journey this week, which I would definitely consider an art piece in itself. It was a truly beautiful and enjoyable experience that I have wanted to take part in for a while.

Today I also ordered some business cards to be made, which allows me to easily give out my contact details and show a small piece of my work if anyone wants my information. It has my name on the front with a photograph of my work on the back.

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