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Thursday, 23 April 2015

Data and Theatre

Today I completely re-thought the book that I finished yesterday. I realised that the main idea behind it (the data slowly being lost as you went through the book) didn't really make sense. So I decided to lose all the data all together, leaving the interesting looking images alone on each page. I feel that whilst this looks more aesthetically pleasing, it also has meaning, that emotions are impossible to read and understand.
After this I decided to print out all 3 of the books that I had already made, on bad quality paper, to see whether they worked well with the layout that I had chosen for them. This was good that I did this as it forced me to re-consider the graphs book (already mentioned), alongside the book looking at colour within the work.

I then went on to think more about my exhibition proposal, creating a Google Sketchup version of the space that I want to display my work in, alongside some basic shapes representing my sculptures as well as a small book shelf for my books to sit on. I also started to think about the possibility of creating 4-5 large scale sculptures to go outside the main exhibition space, slowly being weathered over the few weeks that the exhibition goes on for, representing how ones emotions are slowly lost and forgotten. I need to think about this further, whether or not I can fit making the sculptures into the amount of time I have left, as well as if I have enough wood to accomplish this. I may end up just creating one large scale one, focusing on one emotion that encompassed the whole month of data. Whatever I decide i need to figure it out by Monday so that I can write it into my proposal.
I also experimented with how I'm going to attach the small sculptures to the wall. I tried using Velcro to accomplish this but unfortunately the work became un-stable. This would make it incredibly easy to steal the work during the exhibition. It would also make it hard for people to touch and feel the wood without it wobbling and falling onto the floor. So I then tried using no more nails glue, this worked well, only moving when I really tried to get it off of the wall, which I hope no one will try to do. So for the exhibition I'm going to either use no more nails glue or a glue gun, which I have used in the past.
After this I finalised my research essay by reading it again and making corrections where necessary as well as completing the bibliography and putting in pictures of the artist's work that I had talked about. I also realised that it was slightly over the word count, so over the weekend I think I'm going to have to read it over once again to shorten the entire thing.

This evening I went to a really interesting and thought provoking theatre performance at the New Wolsey Theatre in Ipswich, called World Factory. It was centred around clothes factories in China. It was a sort of interactive experience, where there were four audience members to a table and each table were given a certain amount of money and a set of rules to read. You soon realised that you were the head of a clothes factory in China, and as the evening went on you were given different choices to make about the direction that your company was going in. They were all very much morally ambiguous decisions that you all had to agree upon until moving forward. It was a truly awesome experience, and may have been the best theatre I have been to so far.

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