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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Layout and Feelings

Over the past week I have been thinking a lot about my art work, particularly how I'm going to display my final piece of work for the foundation. I have decided that I'm going to build a pyramid like shape out of the different sculptures, with an invisible line down the middle, having negative on one side and positive on the other. The sculptures will extend from the ceiling to the floor, with no clear starting or end point to the month of emotions that I'm displaying. This is looking at how one's feelings are constantly changing and evolving, adding to your general personality, how there is no end, nor beginning to your emotions.

I also used Google Sketchup to help me to visualise my sculptures easier, allowing me experiment without  using any sculpture resources. This was an effective process and led me to some sanding designs that I had not considered before this.

Throughout the week I've also been thinking a lot about a range of books that I'm going to create to go a long with my final piece of work. I'm still deliberating on how many I should create, but at the moment I'm thinking about making four. I will also be making a vessel for these to go in. Each book will be centred around different aspects of the project. One will contain all my blog posts from this unit and another will have coloured blocks (representing the sculptures) alongside words detailing which emotion I'm attempting to portray. One will contain words and individual photographs of the different sculptures and the final book will contain my excel spreadsheet that I have been keeping for the past month, alongside a range of charts that I will create from the data that I've compiled. I hope that these will be successful, I will just have to allocate a lot of time to each book.

For the past few days, with help from peers and family members, I have been slowly categorizing each sculpture to fit with a different emotion, so in a few weeks when I start to make my final piece I can just look at my book and create without having to spend valuable time thinking about which sculpture represents which emotion.

This week I hope to finish my research project, as well as continuing to experiment with the use of colour within the sculptures. I am close to deciding on whether to keep using colour in the work, as I think it has slowly become an important part of the project.

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