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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Graphs and Charts

I continued to experiment further with colour today, mixing water colour with acrylic as well as mixing acrylics together and adding lots of water to dilute the mixture. This helps to see the grain through the paint, which is a key aesthetic part of the work. I still need to spend time trying out new colours, and seeing what really works and doesn't work as I'm still not sure about which emotion fits into which colour. I also need to buy more water colours for my final piece as well as for experimenting, as at the moment I have a limited amount of colours available to me.

I also took part in a workshop today centred around the process of planning an exhibition. Different groups were given a range of options to create a successful show, from the gallery location to deciding on whether to sell the work on view or not. This was an interesting experience, talking about things that I consciously and unconsciously think every time I go to an exhibition or private view.

Finally I continued to create a range of graphs and charts from the data that I've been slowly collecting over the weeks. Some of them don't actually make sense or work with the data that I'm using, but I think that that may add to part of the meaning of the work, how emotions don't make sense in general, and that there are no rules or guides to how one is supposed to feel. I hope to make more of these in the future, so that they can become artworks within themselves. They will also form the majority of my fourth book that I'm going to create alongside my final piece. I have also started to realise that the deadline for when I have to start setting up for the final exhibition is in about a months time, so I feel that I should start to create the final piece of work and accompanying books quite soon.

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