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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Emotional Feedback

Today I continued to experiment with sanding down sculptures in different ways. I'm doing this so that when I eventually make these individual sculptures for my final piece I will already know that each one works with a different emotion. After going through this process with a number of different designs for different sculptures I was able to easily identify which ones worked and didn't work well. Having it in your hand is a much different experience than looking at a drawing on paper.
After recently deciding that I will be definitely using colour within the work, I feel that I need to experiment further with the mixing of different colours, as well as identifying the colour of each main emotion. This will enable the sculptures to look much more interesting, as opposed to if I just used colour straight out of the tube. I also want each sculpture to have a different colour, rather than just having the exact same colour for any feeling that comes under any one of the six main emotions. This will help to differentiate the different emotions much more, as well as making the final piece much more aesthetically pleasing to look at. Over the next week I want to continue to experiment with painting onto wood, as well as mixing up different colours.

The following images are a range of the different sculptures that I created today, both painted and not painted, along with the emotion I'm trying to portray. If anyone reading this has their own ideas about which emotion I am attempting to show and illicit, please feel free to comment as any feedback would be very helpful. 

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