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Monday, 4 May 2015

Sculptures and Locations

I have finally finished making the small scale sculptures, so once I look over each one and do some final sanding down I will be able to photograph them all and produce the next book. I'm really happy that each sculpture is unique, which is something I wanted to achieve within the work.
I also created one of the large scale pieces today, it took a lot longer to complete than the smaller pieces, but I think that it was well worth the time and effort put into it. I will continue to make these for the next few days, hopefully making all five by the weekend. 

As well as making the sculptures, I thought more about where to put the work, and finally decided to place the different sculptures in spaces that I have felt the particular emotions. For example, putting the "sad" sculpture on a footpath where I have felt particularly sad at one point or another. I intend to then photograph each piece in its surroundings and leave them their, then putting the photographs into a book, which will be displayed at the exhibition, with each sculptures specific coordinates below the images. At the exhibition I will also have maps that the audience can take, showing the different locations of the sculptures. People will be free to go to these sites and look at the work, but the map will also be part of the work. I hope to think about the specific locations throughout the week, and then make the book next week when I have finished the sculptures and have put them in their different locations. I will also have text alongside the photos, talking about why I'm putting the work in these different locations, as well as why I'm choosing to leave the pieces there, rather than taking them home where they can't be stolen/defaced.

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